One step closer to easier sofa cleaning

We, women, all know just how hard it is to see a stain on our favourite sofa, and the thought having to spend time sofa cleaning it is probably one of the most dreadful ideas. Today, I am going to give you a little piece of advice – give it up. Not the sofa, not the nice upholstery, but the dreadful idea of scrubbing it. You now have a cheap and stylish solution to that and it is called scotchgard the layer between your stains and your sofa.

Although it is not expensive and it really is a piece of transparent plastic, it doesn’t make it easy to install. You will need professional help, since some very serious vacuuming is in discussion. But that is not the point, the point is the great help it will provide you with.

For example, this material is not only used for sofas. You can use it for furniture, carpets and everything else that has an upholstery and you wish to keep it clean for as long as possible. Also, another good advantage to look at is the price. On the long run, it is cheaper than any form of professional cleaning. You can have a clean house and save some money. You will not need any more sofa cleaning, but you will still have a clean sofa. Isn’t that great?

Since everything is sealed away very carefully, you can understand that your furniture is set to have a very long life, because it cannot deteriorate as quickly as it would if it hadn’t been covered with schotchgard.

If you are determined to keep you house clean, then feel free to drop by the Dublin Carpet Cleaning headquarters at Ground Floor, 14 Herbert Street, Dublin, or schedule a home visit from the specialists by calling 1800 848 700. Put your mind to rest, use scotchgard.