For vintage pieces, upholstery cleaning is a must

There are people that love vintage furniture because of its elegance, or its fine handcraft or its impeccable eternal classic style. Even today, when the concrete jungle has taken hold of our world, there are still people out there that know the difference between beauty and utility and, further more, how to combine these two together in order to achieve the perfect piece of furniture.

It turns out, people also like furniture with upholstery. Be it made of velvet, wool, linen or cotton, upholstery is that piece of fabric that covers the top of a chair, a sofa or an armchair. Usually it is filled up with wool or other fluffy materials to keep the chairs comfortable.  Just like any other thing inside a house, from time to time it needs cleaning.

upholsteryNow, you can either do it yourself or you can call some professionals that do upholstery cleaning on a daily basis.  The most you can do when you clean it yourself is vacuum it thoroughly, without any other cleaning products. If you get the upholstery wet, it will take a while to dry, and it is preferable not to moist it (it rapidly sucks in dust and microbes that will eventually harm you).

However, when you call the upholstery cleaning services they have professional equipment and cleaning products, so they can actually wash it chemically, in order for it to be clean. They are, also, the only ones who will be able to remove any stains; therefore it’s better not to try anything on your own, if you really care about your furniture.

If you’re worrying about money, it’s not the case because upholstery cleaning rarely goes over a few pounds per chair. You will have your chairs and sofa clean in not time, and they will also be dust mites free.  It’s worth to keep this solution in mind, especially if you have this kind of furniture.


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