One step closer to easier sofa cleaning

We, women, all know just how hard it is to see a stain on our favourite sofa, and the thought having to spend time sofa cleaning it is probably one of the most dreadful ideas. Today, I am going to give you a little piece of advice – give it up. Not the sofa, not the nice upholstery, but the dreadful idea of scrubbing it. You now have a cheap and stylish solution to that and it is called scotchgard the layer between your stains and your sofa.

Although it is not expensive and it really is a piece of transparent plastic, it doesn’t make it easy to install. You will need professional help, since some very serious vacuuming is in discussion. But that is not the point, the point is the great help it will provide you with.

For example, this material is not only used for sofas. You can use it for furniture, carpets and everything else that has an upholstery and you wish to keep it clean for as long as possible. Also, another good advantage to look at is the price. On the long run, it is cheaper than any form of professional cleaning. You can have a clean house and save some money. You will not need any more sofa cleaning, but you will still have a clean sofa. Isn’t that great?

Since everything is sealed away very carefully, you can understand that your furniture is set to have a very long life, because it cannot deteriorate as quickly as it would if it hadn’t been covered with schotchgard.

If you are determined to keep you house clean, then feel free to drop by the Dublin Carpet Cleaning headquarters at Ground Floor, 14 Herbert Street, Dublin, or schedule a home visit from the specialists by calling 1800 848 700. Put your mind to rest, use scotchgard.


The “perk” of having expensive upholstery: upholstery cleaning

When one owns good furniture, it probably is expensive, as well. However, that is not the subject for today. Today I would like to ask those of you who have nice pieces of upholstered furniture, what is it like to clean it, if you ever tried?

family-room-670281_1280I am sure the answer is not at all pleasant because the perk of having good, expensive upholstery is its cleaning. For those of us who are not brave enough to dare and clean our own upholstery, I will let you in on a secret: contract upholstery cleaning. This is probably one of the best ideas I have had in a long time, because although you might want to try and clean it yourself, the best idea is still to pay for a job well done.

Professional upholstery cleaners have the right kind of cleaning products and also the right kind of machinery that they use to clean the surface of the furniture. Be it a sofa, an armchair or antique sofas and chair, no upholstery can be too dirty to be cleaned. The services are not really expensive and they are based on a surface system, therefore, you can actually calculate just how much it is going to cost you.

There is no point in giving up on good upholstery. Replacing it can cost you much more than cleaning it, and besides, if the upholstery is made out of a special fabric, there is no sense in losing the precious fabric.  

Check out some very nice professionals that can be contracted by a fraction of price of a replacement. You can contact them right now: Dublin Carpet Cleaning at Ground Floor, 14 Herbert Street, Dublin or give them a call at 1800 848 700 or 01- 4440146. If you can’t reach them, try their mobile phone 0852 892 657. To see all their work you can check their website

Bits about upholstery cleaning

Upholstery, for those of you who might not understand the word, is the fabric cover of chairs, sofas and armchairs. The method by which the furniture is upholstered, changed over the years, but the cleaning techniques are the ones that changed the most.

If hundreds of years ago, it would simply by ripped off, and replaced with a new upholstery, nowadays, that is no longer necessary. We can clean upholstery quite easy, with the help of a vacuum cleaner. Although you can do upholstery cleaning yourself, sometimes you may find it a bit too difficult.

Upholstery needs to be vacuumed just as often as your carpets, that is twice a week, for the heavy transited areas. Therefore, vacuum your sofa as often as you can, while the least used piece of furniture can be vacuumed once a month, to suck out the dust.

However, there are situations when vacuuming is not enough. Stains, in all of their diversity, are the real deal. Not only are they very difficult to remove, but also tricky to keep off.

Also, some stains are more stubborn than others. While milk stains come off really easy with a little warm water, red wine stains or ink are the real challenge.

Also, every other year upholstery needs to be thoroughly cleaned, since dust mites can comfortably install under the covers. Therefore, your vacuum may not be able to remove them effectively.

The solution is quite simple, and relatively cheap. Call in upholstery cleaning professionals that will come to your door, clean whatever upholstery you have to clean, and then go back where they came from. Isn’t that lovely? Don’t put your health on hold, give it the best treatment. You can find some here.

Rug cleaning for dummies

carpet cleaningJust like any object in your house, rugs and carpets need special attention every once in a while. One of these objects is the carpet. The rugs in your home need regular vacuuming. And by regular I mean weekly cleaning or even more often if the area is always used.

Remember, vacuuming your carpets regularly prolongs the life of your rugs, making them both nicer and better for your health.

When cleaning and vacuuming, do it thoroughly step by step so that you can cover the entire surface. You may have a little bit of work to do with plush rugs because of their thickness, but you should have thought of that when you bought them. After vacuuming, you can clean the carpets with a brush and some rug cleaning products, just to freshen up the air. Sometimes old rugs that haven’t been washed in more than six months can develop nasty odors. You can also add backing soda in the vacuum, but it may not always result in odorless breathable air.

Anyway, one thing you should probably do, every six months to a year is to give them a nice scrub. If you’re not feeling like it, than just call somebody else to clean your rugs. It doesn’t cost too much!

Solutions for upholstery cleaning

Upholstery can be a very valuable feature but it could also turn into a headache. Depending on the fabric, you may be able to clean it yourself. However, you should consider only the following solutions to your dirty upholstery problem.

If the upholstery of a chair, armchair or even a sofa is dirty or stained, you have a few solutions that you need to take into consideration, depending on your time, money and availability.

First, you can steam clean it. The water extraction method as it is known, consists in a steam based vacuum cleaner that suck out dirt and stains, at a very high temperature. Beware though, this solution is not suitable for sensitive fabrics, like wool and silk, because of the high temperature.

Another solution I have prepared for you in the dry cleaning. This consists into a certain absorbent powder that will dissolve the dirt or the stain. After this you just need to vacuum, and the carpet is clean again.

However, nobody does upholstery cleaning better than the professionals. They also have more powerful machinery but also stronger upholstery cleaning products, not to mention the time expense you win. You shouldconsider this option in the specials cases when you have stained you upholstery with a very serious substance or when you are running out of time. Mind the budget and products, make sure there is no possibility to trigger an allergy or something similar. Health before anything.

Use Scotchgard to extend your goods’ life and save good money

Carpet CleaningAnything which can be found in a home can be prone to disasters and deterioration. Sure, time itself has the ultimate word in how bad they’re going to get but that process is slow and there are ways we can protect our fabrics, furniture and carpets until time gets the final word and why not take advantage and extend our goods’ life? No reason at all, nowadays we have everything we can desire to use and apply on the upholstery to make it safe and clean for a long time. We have the Scotchgard solution which can really make wonders where it’s applied and it can be applied on any surface from upholstery to carpets and furniture. It acts like a repellent, a protective coat on the surface of each material which, after drying will prevent any liquid to be soaked in and damaging the fibers. Dirt, water or oils and even food will remain easy to clean up and to restore the surface to its original color and smoothness without stains.

This is a great way of saving money because for the long term, even though using the Scotchgard will need to be reapplied, you’re actually keeping the same rug or piece of furniture for a longer time, saving you from a lot of stress and searching for a new one, allowing you to keep your money for more important things.

Whatever the reason, you can definitely count on professionals to have your place all cleaned up and apply the proper coating on your furniture and upholstery to prevent any further damage. This is a task that cleaning experts can do easily with the proper knowledge, training and equipment but it does not guarantee the same good results if you’d try to apply it yourself. Having a team of professionals do it yearly this type of cleaning can really make a difference in your lifestyle and pocket.

You can do upholstery cleaning yourself

Cleaning the sofa and the armchairs can be a bit tricky, especially if the upholstery is made out of special fabric. Anything from leather and Swede to more common fabric like tweed of tartan should be carefully treated because you don’t want to ruin your whole sofa.

But don’t despair, you can do this at home, if you really think that the upholstery cleaning done by professionals is not for you. Here are a few tricks for you, in order to clean the upholstery in your house, with no difficulty.

First, you need to vacuum it…thoroughly. Get rid of any dust inside the fabric because if you don’t it will mess your entire work. Also, if you keep pets inside the house, make sure to remove as much unwanted animal hair, as possible. It has the same damaging effect as the dust.

Secondly you need to decide what kind of products you will use. If it is a liquid detergent, you will need to pay extra attention, so that the moisture does not get to the filling of the sofa, or the wooden part of it.

Also, pay attention to the kind of fabric the upholstery is made of. If it’s too valuable, I suggest you call in a professional team, and you can use this link to do it. Also, pay attention to the color, because if it’s a bright one, you will need a detergent that will not damage the color of the fabric, otherwise you will have darker spots and lighter spots on your sofa, and I don’t think you want that.

After deciding which detergent to use, you get right at it. Remember, using a liquid detergent for upholstery cleaning can be tricky, but all you need to know is that you have to be quick, and you should use a brush to quickly remove the stains off your upholstery.